Please answer the questions below to provide your self-evaluation of knowledge in the course topic.
  • ۱ balance that can adapt and welcome change
    ۲ problems exist in the unit
    ۳ connectedness is maintained across generations
    ۴ dont smother or distance self
    ۵ no triangling
    ۶ differences are tolerated
    ۷ express thoughts and feelings
    ۸ areas of identification and differentiation
    ۹ allowed to have emptiness
    ۱۰ preservation of pos. emotional climate
    ۱۱ problems are spoken
    ۱۲ dont use each other as enemiesI
    ۱۳ dysfunctional behavior in an individual represents dysfunctional behavior in the family - cause and nature may not be clear until family context is seen and heard